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Please Remember::: Only you know your situation to its truth. When taking the quiz, keep in mind that these are just recommendations. Using my obsession candle when you really need healing in your relationship is an example of not clearly evaluating your situation. I want you to have dominion over your situations and rule, but to do this you have to be honest in your decisions. 

Lala's Notes 

  • Using HALO, UNHEX, or HEALING are ALWAYS recommended before any other candle. 

  • It also best to always use a road opener, like Legba for spiritual and financial candles or the 5th Pentacle of Mercury prior to financial candles.

  • NEVER BURN 2 SPELLED CANDLES AT THE SAME TIME or with a conjure candle.

  • If your conjure candles have the same planet name (3rd and 4th of Venus) you can light them on the same day (their day). 

  • Please follow the directions in the booklet. There are 2 sections. One is for Conjure candles and the other for Spelled candles. 

  • See chants and more tips in the booklet

  • Legba and Erzulie come with their own information cards

  • If you are missing your booklet or information cards email for a pdf version. 

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