Spell Work | Soul Purge Spiritual Cleansing


Experience Lala's world famous Soul Purge. This Soul Purge is a method of removing negative, evil and unwanted energy that has attached to the body, and is lingering around the home. It is easy for this energy to go unnoticed, because we would typically blame our hardship, struggle, misery, depression and even anxiety on the turnouts of our daily routine. What we don’t see, is the spiritual influence in what we are going through. Whether you believe in spirit or not does not matter and does not have anything to do with whether or not it is affecting your progress and life. Parasitic energy needs to feed, therefore this energy will cause more havoc so it can continue to feed off whatever negativity emotion you give. Lala has a created a special way to purge this energy, almost immediately. 


Purging this energy from your body and home:

  • Relieves anxiety, depression and give more clarity.
  • Feel free of stress
  • Removes all blockages and negativity.
  • Removes all parasitic energy that may be feeding off of your pain, misery, struggle, etc.


Spell Work Includes  

  • Tailored root work by Lala
  • Detailed response on what to expect
  • Completion within 7 days


Once payment is completed you will download instructions on how to proceed. 

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