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Lala Inuti Ahari created The Conjure in Jan 2019, and in just 4 years created a now 8 figure business helping people take control of their lives all over the world. She is known worldwide as a Master Manifestor, Spiritual Coach, and healer. She is very familiar with the other side of the veil (spiritual world). She communicates and works with God's, angels, passing, untranquil, and even lower level entities. Although, it may intimidate most, she loves what she does. She followed a path led by her own ancestors that brought her down this life changing journey, which has made it possible for her to possibly change and empower yours.


Her talents come from generations of ancestry. Her lineage on one side dates 100s of years back to slaves in VA. She is a seasoned spiritual Priestess, and a perfectionist when it comes to professionalism and respect in business.  She is a strong practitioner of rapid manifestation and a compassionate spiritual coach.

She has also helped clients all over the world, to free them from the everyday drain of negative energy and financial, emotional, and mental blockages. She understands how important it is to have a spiritual connection and continues to guide others in their own journeys. She is giving, open, feisty but caring to her clientele. The Conjure was established to give back, educate and empower her clients to take control of their own destiny, with the same system she uses all over the world.

Lala has been featured in  articles all over the world for her Spiritual & Business success
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