"Don't Fuck a Witch Without a Condom" 🤔

I just wanted to point out a recent movie I had the pleasure of enjoying. Bad Boys for Life was action packed and as funny as I expected it to be. I enjoyed the dynamic duo of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, and the twist in the storyline. But what mostly caught my attention was the level of brujeria in the movie. Much respect to Santa Muerte, her powerful presence was definitely felt and I feel like the movie will bring more awareness to her.

Another interesting topic that continously came up was fucking a Witch without a condom. Yes, this was actually a conversation in the movie. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It was said to have made it comical, and to about 85% of the audience that's all it probably was. I however...looked at it as a message to men. Marcus (Martin Lawrence's character) repeated this multiple times and I still don't think the message was received.

We are in the age of awareness and enlightenment. Hex culture and domination love spells are now apart of the norm for some.

So why not fuck a Witch without a condom? Is the movie a warning on how to maintain your free will when dating a bruja, witch or rootworker? Is the movie insinuating that just because I study and perform conjure, that my only way to achieve love is to trap a man with his bodily fluids? Thus the reason for the condom when fucking a Witch?

Lighting a candle doesn't make you a Witch. Everyone from all walks of life burn candles. You could be sitting next to the nicest lady in the church choir who is using a spelled candle to bring her husband back. This doesn't make her a Witch, but should she be fucked without a condom since she doesn't claim to be a Witch?

Point is...It's not just us conjurers and brujas you should be worried about then... You shouldn't fuck anybody without a condom!

Just my thoughts...or am I trippin?


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