Cloak | Hide | Cover | Stay Away

Cloak | Hide | Cover | Stay Away


What is it? - A cloak by definition is a garment that when worn can cover, hide and even disguise the person wearing it. My Cloak candle helps hide you from whomever you choose. Need someone to stay away from you? Cloak yourself, and your paths won't cross, and if they do they will not see/notice you. This can be used as a layer of protection in protection work also. So not only will you have your protection, but your paths will not cross either. WARNING: Cloaking yourself from any members of law enforcement can also mean you may not be able to get the help when needed. It is better to chant to cloak you from your enemies (including enemies of your race or skin). This spell can be removed with my UN-HEX candle


Good For:

• Hiding yourself from enemies

• Cloaking yourself from abusive partners

• To make yourself or anyone else unseen.

WARNING: Do NOT mock the spirits of this candle and intentionally cause PHYSICAL harm under being cloaked. They can and will expose you for it. I have purposely spelled it this way.


Directions: Use the spelled section of my booklet. If you are cloaking yourself, you are the target, and no photo is needed. Speak/chant exactly what you desire to be hidden from. Be specific! If you are using it for someone else, use the picture (name on back) of the person being cloaked and cross it with who you are hiding them from, the picture of what you are hiding them from being on the bottom. Then speak what you desire to be hidden.

Chant (example only): "________has eyes and sees me not". This can be altered to use for someone else.


Includes Everything you Need:

• Ready to use, spelled candle poured in Tin or black glass depending on availability (can be snuffed and re-used multiple times)

• Step-by-step course/instruction booklet on how to get the best results. If booklet is not received it can be downloaded by clicking here



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