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Damballah Wedo is a great, wise LWA. He is known to be the Grandfather of all LWA. He is a pure spirit and although patient, he demands his respect as an upper level LWA. Damballah is mostly known to bring you wealth and riches and so much more. Let him know your plan and he will guide you right thru it. As long as you're willing to put in the hard work, Damballah Wedo will bring you wealth beyond what you ask for and imagined and protect you on your journey. Working your way to the top and trying to stay there? Need healing, protection or justice? This LWA is like having an entire team of LWA on your side. He is wisdom in all things, and can bless you in all things.
	His Veve
 is formed with 2 serpents. One serpent to represent Damballah and the other to represent his divine bride and LWA of fertility, healing, and marriage Ayida Wedo. Together they form the divine union that brings, life, wealth, prosperity, healing, protection, marriage, and more. You won't call on one without the other, their veve contains them both, and so do the blessings. 
	I urge you
 to use this candle. but not for instant results of the one thing you need (although sometimes granted). I recommend you develop a relationship with Damballah & Ayida and honor them on their day (Thursday). Let them guide you and be your light. The blessings they bestow on their devotees are unmatched. Especially to the kindhearted, patient, and hardworking. 

Includes Everthing You Need:
• Ready to use candle with SPECIFIC Damballah Wedo VEVE (can be snuffed and re-used multiple times)
• Complete LWA card with history on Vodou, tips, suggestions and full instructions.
• White cloth for altar
• Cowrie shells 
• Crushed Crystal Quartz 
NOTE: This candle will come UNSCENTED and will not include Frankincense resin or charcoal tablets, this is due to Damballah's dislike of strong smells. ALSO Damballah is a pure LWA and does not like to be honored the same time as the dead, so do not light his candle at the same time you light an ancestors altar.
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