Legba | Ancestor Spirit Contact | Remove Obstacles

Legba | Ancestor Spirit Contact | Remove Obstacles


What is it? - Legba is a major LWA spirit in Vodou (currently called Voodoo) tradition, and a powerful gate keeper from the Rada nacion of Vodou. Legba (also known as Papa Legba) is a spirit, to conjure when you are trying to make contact with the spirit world. He is the gate keeper to the spirit world. This is the candle you use when trying to contact your ancestors, and learn more about the spirits that walk with you. Or if there are other spirits you wish to contact, Legba grants (and can deny you) this access. He is also notorious for removing obstacles and opening new doors in your life. When faced with adversity or when your back is against the wall, Legba can be conjured. 


Good For
• Removing obstacles
• Opening doors
• Ancestor/Spirit communication
• If previous conjuring has not worked for you in the past, it is possible you may need to be granted access first. Not everyone needs this, however there are a lot of people that do. In that case, Legba can grant you this access.

Includes Everthing You Need:

• Ready to use candle with SPECIFIC LEGBA VEVE (can be snuffed and re-used multiple times)

• Complete LWA card with history on Vodou, tips, suggestions and full instructions.

• 18 page Step-by-step course/instruction booklet 

• Coffee offering to Legba (instant)
• Frankincense resin

• Charcoal tablets

Booklet needed? (For repeat clients)
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Legba
$67.50monthly/ auto-renew
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