Obsession | Smother | Cling

Obsession | Smother | Cling


*What is it? *These are NOT fixed candles, they are (strongly) spelled candles*
Is there something you want to put on someones mind? Do you want your lover to obsess over you? This candle is strongly spelled by Lala with actual ticks (used in the spell, not put in the candle). Ticks are insects known to embed themselves on to their host, with an attachment so strong some will die pulled off of it. If you want to stay on someones mind, or make someone attached to you, something or someone. Obsession is your candle.

**Not recommended to use if your lover is angry with you (try sweetening first to calm them down)

Good for

• To make a lover always think about you
• Make a lover cling to you 

• Make someone obsessed about a person or thing
• Can be used to make someone dedicated to a job, person, or task


• Ready to use, SPELLED Obsession candle
• Step-by-step course/instruction booklet on how to get the best results


Booklet needed? (For repeat clients)
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