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Omni | Spirit Body Oil

Omni | Spirit Body Oil


THIS COLLECTION IS NOT FOR PLAY, IT IS STRONG, IT IS REAL AND WILL BE PRESENT!! After creating some of the most powerful Supreme Seals to ever exist. I used the energy from those seals to create Omni. No need to conjure or chant (only if you want to), because Omni energy will do it all for you. There are REAL GODS ATTACHED TO THIS OIL, MANY OF THEM! This energy does not exist anywhere else because I created and attached it myself. 

DUEL Energy - Used to lift your vibration, Cleanse, Unhex, Enlighten, Renew, and in an INSTANT remove all evil energy (could be people) - Then it helps you MANIFEST QUICKLY.

-Can be used on children.


Directions for body: Just pour, Rub, and speak your desire.


Comes in a 4oz bottle of hydrating oils. Made with coconut, sunflower oil, the remarkable Brazilian Babassu Oil and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and more.



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