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The Conjure Cookbook | E-Book

The Conjure Cookbook | E-Book


The E-book is here! This book has been in the making for a long time. Written by the renowned spiritualist, Lala Inuti Ahari and co-written by one of her powerful daughters Chaela Bre Ahari, this captivating book offers a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a magical influencer who has amassed a fortune through her manifestation abilities. With over 3 million YouTube views, features in Essence, USA Today, Revolt, and a vast social media following, Lala invites you to explore the transformative power of her spiritual alchemy and spells and unlock the key to manifesting your deepest desires. Join Lala on a journey of prosperity, abundance, and life changing methods as you discover the true magic of The Conjure Cookbook. Whether you seek to harness the powers of prosperity, love, or protection, "The Conjure Cookbook" offers an unparalleled journey into the realm of magic. Embark on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of a true luminary, and witness the profound alchemy that awaits. Lala is very proud of this book and cannot wait for you to get your hands on it!  


Instructions on Downloading.

For best results use a PC, but it is still ok to use tablets/phones. Once you purchase you will download the e-file for the book. You can use any application to open the ebook that you choose. Here are some recommendations in the event you are unaware.


Windows PC - Sumatra

Iphone - You can use Apple Books to open it

Android - Should be an ereader installed already, if not search Google Play for e-reader. 


The book is in landscape so your e-book reader may display it in 2 pages, you can change that format withing your e-reader. The Download will take anywhere from 3-7 min to download. 


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