Crown of Success bundle

Crown of Success bundle


This amazing bundle comes with 2 candles an 2 spelled body souffles, plus more!

Want prosperity, success, and good fortune? Need to increase business, sales, commissions, and increase in clientele. Or do you just need to push things in a better direction for yourself in terms of financial gain and MORE MONEY? This is an amazing bundle to start with! Not only does it come with a Conjure candle for spiritual help, it comes with Lala's strongly spelled body souffle and her world famous spelled good fortune candle, oil and stone.

•Good Fortune candle
•Eriss Prosper body souffle
•Eriss Power body souffle

•3rd Pentacle of the Sun candle for success in the manner you desire for your business (use on Sunday)
•Good Fortune oil
•Adventurine stones
•Full tin of frankincense resin
•Charcoal tablets
•18 page instructional booklet

Booklet needed? (For repeat clients)
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