Devotion | Commitment bundle

Devotion | Commitment bundle


Need commitment with loyalty? This bundle includes 3 STRONGLY SPELLED candles by Lala. 2 Conjure candles and 1 spelled Eriss body soufflé. The ultimate package needed for devotion in love.

  • 3rd pentacle of Venus - Attract and enhance love, admiration and more special attention. *Use on Fridays*
  • 1st pentacle of Saturn - to take control whenever needed. Can be used as domination. *Use on Saturdays*
  • Loyalty - for commitment issues
  • Obsession - to make your target obsessed with you.
  • Sweetening - to sweeten yourself or your target to you.
  • Eriss Lust - to attract desire, love and attention. Can be worn to enhanced sexual encounters.
  • Full tin of frankincense resin
  • Charcoal tablets
  • 18 page instructional booklet


Booklet needed? (For repeat clients)
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