Trailblazer | Better Business

Trailblazer | Better Business


This kit comes with 5 candles plus more!

For the seasoned or new Business Owner, Entrepreneur and natural Trailblazer. All you need to increase business, sales, commissions, and increase in clientele. Starting a business but need doors opened and want to make sure it will be successful? Or need to increase your current revenue. Also works great for anyone in sales.


•Good Fortune XL candle
•4th Pentacle of Jupiter candle (use on Thur) to obtain wealth
•1st Pentacle of Jupiter candle to gain business (use on on Thur)

•5th Pentacle of Mercury candle to open all doors (use on Wed)

•3rd Pentacle of the Sun candle for success in the manner you desire for your business (use on Sunday)
•Good Fortune oil
•Adventurine stones
•Full tin of frankincense resin
•Charcoal tablets
•18 page instructional booklet

Booklet needed? (For repeat clients)